Company Profile

We are a global business in the field of plant engineering. Our corporate structure continually orients itself on the prevailing market conditions. Thereby very high attention is paid that a high quality standard could be offered. Our staff possesses the experience of 20 years in systems engineering for plastic processing industry, respectively the installation of stainless-steel-pipeline systems and integration of necessary peripheral equipment for mixture, measure, drying and conveying of granulated synthetic material. Flexibility, precision and an optimal communication with our customers is our strength.It is for that reason that we could again and again give proof of our proficiency to well-known peripheral manufacturers as well as final customers.

For example: Colortronic GmbH, Motan Inc., Moretto, Neumag, KMK-Siemens-Karlsruhe, Braun-Melsungen, Bic-Griechenland, Röchling-Automotive USA, and much more.

Because of our different interests and functional specifications we complement each other. Thereby everyone keeps his main focus without losing the sight of the teamwork.Mutual support is a matter of course for us. We are also happy to work together with a team which is locally provided, so that our customers could benefit from our concentrated knowledge. We are able to work on the most different orders reliably and capably. Here you will find the suitable specialist for your personal request.