We offer:

 1. – stainless steel pipes (steelgrade 1.4301) –   in several meisures

as well as elbows, t-pieces etc. all deburred and dustfree in highest quality material or highly wear resistant !!!

2. – pipe couplings – (steelgrade1.4301) –  in several meisures

material AIMgSiO 5F22, black rubber gasket, slotted version, vac.resistant 6000mmWS,compression proof 3 bar, heat res. 60°C, ground-strap

3. – stainless steel manifolds –

custom made- , branch line, profiles, frame and pipes all made in stainless steel and exactly aligned

4. – glass-elbow – (abrasion-resistant)-   in several meisures

basicmaterial borosilicateglass 3.3 , pipeends dressed to size, bonded copperstrip on the outside radius

We ship also to USA !

For a Quotation, don´t hesitate to contact us mailto:[email protected]